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London Borough of Hackney

London Borough of Hackney (LBH) had a £4.6m capital requirement to install communal heating systems for ten high-rise blocks owned and managed by Hackney Homes (the LBH social housing management provider).


The project addresses fuel poverty by replacing electrically heated systems with a more efficient gas alternative.


Project highlights:

  • Installation of a communal heating system in ten social housing blocks, providing significant fuel poverty alleviation
  • Procured via the GLA’s RENEW framework
  • Provision of energy to 1,500 social housing tenants; average energy bill reduced by 56% (£980)
  • Potential 40% carbon savings due to fuel switch
  • Private sector finance, from Npower, in the form of ECO grant; for individual home works
  • Council benefits from lower maintenance costs and O&M contract with an ESCO

Country UK
Sector New Energy
Status Under construction
Location London, England
Ownership NA
Financial close December 2013
Concession term 12 - Year Loan
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