Amber’s strategy is to grow, enhance and protect our assets, people and clients.

We are a Socially Responsible Investor looking to add long term value in everything we do.

We apply the highest standards of financial rigour to deliver consistently quality investments.

Our strategy is based around three pillars of mutually reinforcing activity across our chosen sectors:

Strategy-M.png Strategy-M.png

1. Support and service our existing portfolios of assets to ensure our investment performance meets the expectation of our clients and investors

2. Grow our business organically by focusing on infrastructure trends and new asset acquisitions that meet the investment mandates of our funds

3. Evolve our approach continuously. We have looked to broaden our activities into related areas - particularly sustainable energy and real estate, concentrating on assets with similar characteristics including longevity, inflation protection, sustainability of demand and long-term secure cash flows.

Our integrated model intrinsically links new asset development with ongoing portfolio management. Origination teams have a continuing role in asset management - and asset management teams input into origination.

This approach means our teams are motivated to ensure the assets we look after are well structured from the outset, well managed for the whole of their life and that valuable project knowledge is passed through the teams.

The result is a superior outcome for our clients and our projects.


We specialise in markets and sectors which are difficult to access and have high barriers to entry.  By applying our expertise in developed OECD countries, we bring a lower-risk approach to investment. Supportive policy and regulatory investment environments underpin our long-term, secure and sustainable portfolio return strategy.

The U.K. is our core market, but we invest and manage assets in  seven other countries and seek opportunities globally which meet our strategy. Amber has had since 2014 a relationship with the Hunt Companies Group in the U.S. and is looking to expand in North America, where we see value for our investors and clients. We can also draw from Hunt’s broad real estate experience, where it has developed more than $13bn of projects.



We’ve built our business on deep-rooted partnerships, where trust and standards of openness are high and professionalism is paramount.


We’re young, dynamic and nimble – always adapting to changes in the market and responding to the needs of our partners and investors.


We’re evolving the traditional infrastructure investment landscape with a bold and forward thinking approach.


We’re taking our successful approach beyond the UK market and pushing boundaries into new areas of infrastructure.


We have a strong track record of safeguarding pensions and savings on behalf of institutional and retail investors; based around high standards of governance, transparency and reporting.