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About us
Amber is a leading international investment manager. For over 15 years, we have mobilised capital into essential, responsible infrastructure.
What we do
We source, finance and manage infrastructure assets for both the public and private sectors, applying an integrated approach throughout the lifecycle of each investment.
Amber develops and invests across a wide range of infrastructure sectors, each characterised by a long-term investment horizon and robust, creditworthy counterparties.
As long-term investors, we recognise the need to consider how a changing world could impact our core business activities and investments.
News and insights
View our latest press releases and insights on key topics from across the business.
Our people are essential to our success. We are committed to building exceptional teams, maintaining our unique entrepreneurial spirit, and building a culture that is inclusive and impactful.
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About us

International presence

Amber has a local presence across the UK and Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

We co-ordinate across our international offices to identify key global trends and use these to inform the strategy for our geographically focused operations.

Our team of over 180 professionals located across these regions allow us to engage with stakeholders as a local investor and effectively source, finance and manage a diverse range of infrastructure projects.

Click on the map below to explore our regional case studies.

UK and Europe

Amber invests in the UK and across Europe through several vehicles including its FTSE-250 listed fund ('INPP'), an essential digital infrastructure fund ('NDIF'), and a core plus Central and Eastern Europe (‘CEE’) focused fund ('3SIIF'), which specialises in transport, energy, and digital infrastructure investments. Additionally, Amber manages four closed-ended regional funds: LEEF, SPRUCE, MEEF, and GNDF. These are impact investment funds in the sectors of energy efficiency, urban regeneration, and low carbon within the UK.

North America

Our North American operations are focused on supporting US federal and state government policy. Amber originates investments across the North American market, manages funds including the US Solar Fund, a UK listed fund that owns assets in the US, and actively manages investments through a dedicated team based across the US.

In addition, we manage or own investments across various sectors in the region. Examples include transport and logistics (Maine International Cold Storage Facility), energy efficiency (City Light & Power) and Renewable Generation (Flint Mine Solar).


Since its founding in 2009, Amber has maintained multiple offices throughout Australia. In 2022, we expanded our presence in the region by making five investments in New Zealand through INPP and opened an office in Auckland.

We currently manage or own investments across various sectors in the region. Examples include social infrastructure (New Zealand Schools and Royal Children's Hospital), transport infrastructure (RailFirst and Gold Coast Light Rail), and digital infrastructure (iseek).

Local expertise, international scale

Amber benefits from the collective expertise of our sector specialists and senior advisor network, who provide local insights across all the geographies in which Amber invests. This approach has cultivated an extensive international knowledge network, promoting cross-border collaborations and informed decision-making in all aspects of our operations:

Sourcing: Investment origination

By understanding each region’s unique challenges and opportunities, Amber manages complex construction risks, builds strong local partnerships and drives superior investment opportunities.

By way of example, Amber’s established presence in Germany positioned the team well during the original BeNEX privatisation process in 2007 and a strong long-term partnership unlocked a bilateral follow-on investment to acquire the remaining 51% from the public sector partner in 2019.

Financing: Fund management

Amber reports to the highest standards, as required for both our private and listed funds. We are recognised as thought leaders in industry best practices across many of the geographies in which we operate.

Moreover, cross-border collaborations like the Three Seas Initiative Investment Fund ('3SIIF') in Central and Eastern Europe demonstrate our capability to combine the best of international and local resource to encourage regional development and create attractive investment opportunities.

Managing: Asset management

We attach great priority to sustainable value creation through careful and active investment management, adopting a ‘boots on the ground’ approach.

We work closely with portfolio company’s management teams to create meaningful, lasting impacts in the communities and businesses we engage with.

As Amber expands its international presence, we will continue to leverage our deep regional expertise and international scale. This approach benefits our origination, asset and fund management strategies and allows us to deliver robust and reliable returns for our investors whilst delivering the optimum infrastructure solutions for our clients.

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