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About us
Amber is a leading international investment manager. For over 15 years, we have mobilised capital into essential, responsible infrastructure.
What we do
We source, finance and manage infrastructure assets for both the public and private sectors, applying an integrated approach throughout the lifecycle of each investment.
Amber develops and invests across a wide range of infrastructure sectors, each characterised by a long-term investment horizon and robust, creditworthy counterparties.
As long-term investors, we recognise the need to consider how a changing world could impact our core business activities and investments.
News and insights
View our latest press releases and insights on key topics from across the business.
Our people are essential to our success. We are committed to building exceptional teams, maintaining our unique entrepreneurial spirit, and building a culture that is inclusive and impactful.
What we do

Manage: Asset management

port and site next to port

BMF Port Burgas, Bulgaria

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Aligned to the long-term nature of infrastructure, our asset managers are able to effectively balance priorities, including health and safety, financial stability, and environmental performance. By doing so, we ensure that our management decisions deliver long-term value creation for our investors and a positive impact to the communities which our infrastructure assets serve.

Strategic approach and track record

Amber has the international reach, network, sector specialisms and asset management capability of a large-cap global investor, delivered at a local level. Operating across all countries in which we invest, our asset managers, supported by senior advisors, ensure a deep understanding of sector-specific and regional markets.

Amber is an active shareholder and will leverage its board positions to realise each investment’s potential. Our asset managers work closely with their respective company’s management teams and boards to monitor performance, strengthen corporate governance and risk management, optimise the capital structure and funding requirements where appropriate, and drive operational and financial best practice.

Importantly, asset management at Amber does not occur in isolation. The asset management team’s deep sector knowledge and experience is supported by the investment origination team, providing a feedback loop to inform investment propositions and strategies throughout each investment lifecycle, amongst broader economic and credit cycles.

  • Amber is known for its work with the public sector, which has demonstrated the positive contribution of private sector involvement in public infrastructure by delivering an efficient, well-managed process.


    Michael Gregory

    Chief Operating Officer

Tower Hamlets Schools building

Olga Primary School, Tower Hamlets, UK


Our asset managers work closely with each management team to ensure that the necessary board governance model is in place from the day of the investment. This includes the implementation of a proven reporting framework for performance updates, budget, and board materials. This includes the definition of key performance indicators (KPIs) at the operational level. These frameworks enable the Amber team to continually evaluate and track business performance against the investment case.

Risk management

Effective risk management is fundamental to Amber’s processes. We foster a culture that identifies and analyses risk throughout the lifecycle of each investment, recognising that the success of our investments is partly contingent on the rigour of our risk identification and mitigation processes.

Case Study: Carillion

Carillion was a UK based facilities manager that collapsed in 2018. At the time of collapse, Carillion provided facility management services to 24 assets in the portfolio.

  • Amber identified difficulties Carillion were facing six months prior to the business failing consequently the Amber team formulated a contingency plan
  • When Carillion collapsed, all services transitioned to new facilities management providers without material cost leading to full availability of the facilities during the transition

This seamless transition was delivered as the result of early identification of an issue and deep knowledge of the market, allowing the sourcing of a replacement contractor ahead of other parties going to the market.

image of tunnel and construction worker

Tideway, UK
Photo credit: Tideway

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