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About us
Amber is a leading international investment manager. For over 15 years, we have mobilised capital into essential, responsible infrastructure.
What we do
We source, finance and manage infrastructure assets for both the public and private sectors, applying an integrated approach throughout the lifecycle of each investment.
Amber develops and invests across a wide range of infrastructure sectors, each characterised by a long-term investment horizon and robust, creditworthy counterparties.
As long-term investors, we recognise the need to consider how a changing world could impact our core business activities and investments.
News and insights
View our latest press releases and insights on key topics from across the business.
Our people are essential to our success. We are committed to building exceptional teams, maintaining our unique entrepreneurial spirit, and building a culture that is inclusive and impactful.
Aerial view of construction site

Our infrastructure portfolio

Amber develops and invests across a range of sectors characterised by a long-term investment horizon and robust, creditworthy counterparties.

We adopt a thesis-driven investment approach, forming hypotheses about market trends and infrastructure needs to identify promising opportunities. This primarily encompasses the transport, energy, digital, and social sectors, however we also invest in emerging sectors that align with our research-based investment theses.

Our diverse portfolio is designed to deliver sustainable financial performance through various economic cycles while making a positive impact on communities and the environment.

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