Amber seeks ethical projects that will contribute to long-term sustainable development with qualitative and quantitative benefits for partners. Our investments support an integrated approach to development: creating and sustaining future value.

The way we operate and develop our assets

Through project development, we aim to maximise the socio-economic and environmental credentials of our supply chain and construction programme. We believe in the importance of quality and innovation in design, and work closely with design teams.

Our approach to origination and active asset management is supported by on-going consultation with key stakeholders to ensure the needs and objectives of different groups are managed throughout construction and operation.

Our funds require the highest standards of sustainability, including BREEAM certification, and include performance measures linked to job creation, CO2 savings, and remediation of brownfield land.

As a trusted partner to the public sector, we apply the highest standards of corporate governance and business ethics.

How we act internally within our organisation

Sustainability is important in our approach to our work, our people, and our links with local communities. Amber is certified to The Planet Mark and we are committed to measuring and reducing our carbon footprint and wider sustainability metrics.

Initiatives to mitigate our carbon footprint include minimising waste through recycling, reducing energy consumption, and supporting the cycle to work scheme. Amber is an equal opportunities employer.