Since 2006, we have developed and managed public infrastructure, sustainable energy, real estate and digital infrastructure assets that support the lives of people, homes and businesses internationally.

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We have one of the largest dedicated asset management teams headquartered in the UK with over 170 people all focused on delivering and maintaining high-quality portfolio performance across the capital structure. We use this to effectively manage over £1.5 billion of government and local authority investment as if it was our own.

As part of our full-service approach to active asset management, we have a specialist infrastructure asset management team that take a hands-on approach to mitigating risk and enhancing value.

Our in-house asset management team allows us to focus on the best lifecycle outcomes for our investments, as we are not constrained by short-term horizons. This has a significant impact on how we manage priorities including health and safety, financial performance, environmental performance and social outcomes for our assets.

Value of assets managed


Developed from construction

Over 30%

Number of assets managed

Over 175

Specialist asset managers