Our culture of origination means we get there first. 70% of our investments have been sourced outside of price-only based auctions, and our scale and experience allows us to handle complex construction risk and manage for long-term value.

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Some opportunities take years to gestate and our developer approach gives us early-mover advantages, allowing us to invest in assets at the ‘primary stage’ or those with greater complexity. Over 30% of our portfolio’s assets have been developed by us from construction into operation, including one of the UK’s largest construction projects currently underway – the Thames’ new super sewer which will prevent 39 million tonnes of sewage from flowing into London’s river.

Our ability to form partnerships with like-minded global investors means we can participate in large-scale infrastructure projects, providing our investors with the ability to invest in opportunities that may not be widely-accessible.

The result is a superior outcome for our clients, their projects, and the communities that benefit.

Investments made to date

Over 175

Investments outside of price-only auctions


Dedicated investment management team