One of Amber’s key strengths is our ability to identify, develop and originate investment opportunities from inception. We research and track investment opportunities from conception to development and consultation, long in advance of an investment formally coming to market.

Some opportunities take years to gestate and our developer approach gives us early-mover advantages, allowing us to invest in assets at the ‘primary stage’ or those with greater complexity.

Our ability to form partnerships with like-minded global investors means we can participate in major infrastructure projects, providing our investors with the ability to invest in opportunities that may not be widely-accessible.

We can draw on our team’s diverse experience – including lawyers, bankers and accountants, engineers and technical specialists.

Our integrated model intrinsically links the development of new assets with ongoing portfolio management. Origination teams have an ongoing role in asset management - and asset management teams input into origination.

Our approach means all our teams are motivated to ensure that Amber’s assets are well-structured from the outset, with buy-in across the business for the life of the concession, and valuable project knowledge passed through the organisation.

The result is a superior outcome for our clients and their projects.