LEEF invests in a wide range of technologies and projects which will deliver carbon and energy savings to the public and private sectors.


LEEF projects include:

- Energy efficiency retrofit to existing buildings
- Communal and district heating & cooling
- Small scale renewable energy

A significant proportion of capital refurbishment works, repairs and other building improvements include energy efficiency measures, which can be funded by LEEF.

LEEF predominantly provides senior debt, and will consider mezzanine and equity opportunities. Borrowers can be public sector, private sector (e.g. Landlords or ESCOs – Energy Service Companies) or joint ventures.

Current LEEF investments include landmark buildings such as the Tate Modern extension and Salters Livery Hall, private sector developments such as the ESCO for Greenwich Peninsula, and public sector sponsored projects for Local Authorities and the NHS.

Case studies of all LEEF projects can be seen here.