The National Digital Infrastructure Fund (NDIF, the Fund) forms an element of the UK Government’s landmark Digital Infrastructure Investment Fund (DIIF), a £400m government initiative.

NDIF is aimed at accelerating U.K. full-fibre broadband network development by unlocking new sources of capital for the businesses building them to grow sufficient scale and challenge the existing copper-based networks. This initiative opens the way for institutional investors to gain access to the sector and invest alongside Government.

Digital connectivity is a critical building block for the modern U.K. economy but only 3% of U.K. premises are currently estimated to have access to fibre to the premise (FTTP) connectivity (source: Ofcom, Connected Nations 2017 report). The roll-out of ultrafast broadband and other high speed digital infrastructure across the U.K. is driven by growing demand from end-consumers, many of whom remain poorly or under-served by existing infrastructure.


Amber sees full-fibre broadband, together with the fibre networks that underpin 5G, as one of the most promising sectors in the infrastructure and wider alternatives asset class. Broadband connectivity to the home and workplace has become a vital part of core economic infrastructure with clear long term parallels with established utilities like gas, electricity and water.

NDIF will target investment in digital fibre-based broadband networks and related businesses to boost the deployment of full-fibre connections and ultrafast broadband access across the UK.   NDIF can invest across the capital structure and will provide its investors with access to a wide range of full fibre investment opportunities.

HM Treasury has announced it will commit £400 million to DIIF over a period of 4 years.  Broadly half of this is expected to be allocated to NDIF, which will be match-funded by the private sector.

NDIF funding

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NDIF Investments

Airband Community Internet

Airband is an internet service provider developing hybrid wireless-fibre networks in rural and hard-to-reach areas across England and Wales.  With the benefit of subsidies awarded under BDUK’s Superfast Rural Broadband programme, the Company is bringing the next generation of connectivity to rural homes and businesses that are otherwise unable to access quality and reliable broadband. NDIF’s investment will enable Airband to deliver faster internet access to an additional 50,000 homes. More information is available here.

Community Fibre

Community Fibre is an internet service provider rolling-out fibre optic communications networks across London.  The Company targets social housing estates as a priority, where enhanced, gigabit-capable internet connectivity is opening up new opportunities to these communities. More information is available here.