BeNEX is both a rolling stock leasing company as well as an investor in train operating companies (“TOCs”) which operate rail franchises across Germany. BeNEX was initially a JV between INPP and Hamburger Hochbahn AG, a subsidiary of the Federal State and City of Hamburg, but has been wholly-owned by INPP since July 2019.

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BeNEX owns in excess of 100 passenger trains and leases these to TOCs typically for a period matching the underlying operating concession term. Individual concessions are typically granted for 10-15 years with a 2-3 year preparation period to cover vehicle procurement. The public sector client is the respective public authority of the individual concession e.g. the Federal States of Berlin, Bavaria, Hesse, Lower-Saxony, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, Brandenburg, and other municipalities. The TOCs in which BeNEX is invested provide an aggregate of approximately 40m train kilometres of transport per annum.



Total rail km of transport

41m p.a.

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