The hub initiative is led by the Scottish Futures Trust on behalf of the Scottish Government, and has been implemented across five geographical Territories in Scotland, each with a population of around one million people. 

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The initiative reflects a Scotland wide approach to the delivery of new community and social infrastructure, with the public sector participants (the NHS, local authorities, police, fire, and rescue, and ambulance services) having entered into a long term arrangement with the Hubco (a public/private joint venture) for new build facilities with a capital value in excess of a pre-defined threshold where procurement is commenced within 10 years of the Territory Partnering Agreement (TPA) signature. Amber is the joint largest private sector shareholder in the East Central Territory, with the TPA having been signed in 2012.

The Bertha Park High School project comprises the design, construction and operation of a new school catering for 1,100 secondary pupils and 35 Acquired and Special Needs pupils, and includes external sports provision.

The new, single site, purpose built secondary school provides educational services to the new development in the catchment area of Bertha Park to meet the needs of the whole of Bertha Park and landward community.


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