MEEF and LEEF have provided finance for an Energy Performance Contract (‘EPC’) at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust as part of an initiative to upgrade ageing infrastructure across its estate.

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Epsom Tranche I.jpg
Epsom Tranche I.jpg


The funds helped to support the regeneration of the hospital when it was on the brink of closure. The EPC measures are estimated to save the Trust £670k per annum and reduce the estate’s carbon emissions. The regeneration and refurbishment of the hospital will help to improve mental wellbeing of staff and patients.

The project comprises a package of energy conservation measures including; LED lighting, HVAC systems, controls and central plant. It also includes the installation of an 800kWe CHP plant and 3 x 2.2MWth gas boilers to replace existing steam boilers along with the associated pipework insulation, motor replacements and controls.

Breathe were selected as the EPC contractor through the Greater London Authority (“GLA”) RE:FIT programme. The Project matched recycled LEEF funds with MEEF to provide a competitive finance option for the Trust.

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Estimated annual energy saving from the Energy Performance Contract measures: