One of the UK’s first batteries deployed behind the meter of a high energy user. Managing site load, providing ancillary services to National Grid and operating in balancing markets.

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Amber has developed, constructed and funded a 2MW / 2.4MWh Tesla Powerpack battery for a ‘Behind the Meter’ Energy Storage project with a large manufacturing facility under a Lease and Energy Services Agreement. This pioneering project has been delivered under an EPC wrap. The asset is monetised through operations in the Balancing Mechanism and National Grid ancillary services such as frequency regulation. Further investment value is also created by optimising the asset to manage the client’s load and offsetting their non-commodity (grid usage) energy costs. The revenues and savings are shared between the landlord and Amber aligning interests.

Amber provided 100% of the equity capital required for the project, and analysed the site’s electrical load and usage profile in order to design a battery specific to requirement, taking the project through auction, installation and operation.

Energy Storage is a key part of Amber’s Sustainable Energy strategy – these assets have lower running costs than traditional gas/diesel peaking plants, and by displacing them are contributing to carbon offset whilst also creating savings on grid costs which benefits all UK bill payers.

Project highlights include:

  • Capital committed in December 2017 and live by May 2018, generating first revenues
  • Delivering returns in excess of target through higher availability and deployment accuracy than forecast
  • Revenue through ancillary services to National Grid and host savings from onsite electrical load management
  • Ability to trade in wholesale markets through to Balancing Mechanism

SDGs Supported




15 to 20 years

Battery size

2.0MW / 2.4MWh