Infrastructure is at the heart of our business. The attractions of its long-term stable and predictable cash flows, correlated to inflation, have formed a new investment class.


Digital Infrastructure

Full-fibre broadband, together with the fibre networks that underpin 5G, are some of the most promising new sectors in the infrastructure and wider alternatives asset class

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Amber and its clients have investments in over 200 schools in the U.K., Australia, North America and Germany

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Energy transmission

We are a leading developer and manager of U.K. offshore energy to invest in six transmission cables.

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Gas distribution

The gas distribution networks we invest in supply gas to approx. 50% of the U.K.’s connected households through 130,000km of pipeline.

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Health facilities are a key part of our portfolio - ranging from the Royal Children’s Hospital in Australia to GP surgeries across the U.K.

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Our courts and custodial facilities provide key services to the judicial sector.

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Military housing

We invest in assets underpinned by over 20,000 individual housing units located across 19 operational U.S. military bases.

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Our other investments include the transformation of the Liverpool Library and Royal Melbourne showgrounds.

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Our global transportation portfolio helps the daily commute of passengers in the U.K., Europe and Australia.

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Waste water

Our investment into the 25km Tideway Tunnel under the River Thames will help futureproof London’s sewerage system.

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Real estate

We seek to leverage our expertise in project development into the Real Estate sector.

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Sustainable Energy

Amber's activities in the rapidly-expanding energy infrastructure sector.

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Case studies

Amber develops and invests in a range of investment classes - every sector shares long-term stable and predictable cash flows.

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