We are at the forefront of the transition to a low carbon economy. We develop and invest in a variety of Sustainable Energy related infrastructure, responding to the challenges facing the global energy markets.

Climate change, carbon reduction policies, new forms of renewable energy generation and requirements for demand side management are changing business behaviours and priorities and will provide new opportunities.

We work in partnership with the public sector, leveraging private finance from a range of sources, to develop projects and raise funds in a number of areas, as well as investing directly from Amber’s balance sheet.




Investing in communal and district heating, cooling and power networks.

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We are a leading investor in energy efficiency retrofit.

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Amber is involved in the development of the Energy Storage sector.

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We support a range of renewable technologies.

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Related information

London Energy Efficiency Fund

Amber manages over £110m of Energy Efficiency, Renewables & Decentralised Energy investments on behalf of the Greater London Authority

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Energy Transmission

Amber is a leading developer and investor in Offshore Transmission Assets

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Real Estate

Our Real Estate business includes regeneration, commercial and specialist residential developments

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