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London Borough of Enfield - MEEF

Decentralised Energy

MEEF provided £15 million to the London Borough of Enfield to provide over 10,000 new homes and businesses with low carbon heat and hot water 

Decentralised Energy
London, England
Under construction
Funding type
Debt - £15m
Financial close
May 2020
Term length
18 year loan


MEEF provided debt funding to Enfield Council to part finance the construction of their Meridian Water Heat Network. The Network is part of a £6 billion regeneration programme led by Enfield Council. The communal heat network replaces local energy generation by supplying heat and hot water through a network of new pipes. This method of energy supply is a proven technology to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions generated in heating London’s homes. The first customers are estimated to be connected to the Network from 2022 onwards.

Enfield’s energy company, Energetik, will deliver the scheme on behalf of the Council. Energetik procured Vital Energi to design, construct and operate the energy centre and heat distribution network to serve the Meridian Water development. Switch2 have been appointed to undertake the customer service operations.

MEEF secured match funding from the Heat Networks Investment Project (‘HNIP’) and Santander.

Annual CO2 Reduction

0,0 tonnes

Number of new homes forecast to connect into the network


Reduce nitrogen oxide released into the atmosphere by

0.0 tonnes

from 2026 onwards
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by UN Member States in 2015

SDGs supported:


  • The investment aimed to contribute to London’s green and sustainable recovery from COVID-19, provide new job opportunities and tackle the climate emergency by providing reliable, low carbon and better value heat 
  • 10,000 new homes connected to network 
  • The Network is forecast to save nearly 5,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year compared to gas-fired heating and will source waste heat from the Edmonton Energy Recovery Facility at the North London Waste Authority EcoPark from 2026 onwards. 
  • The investment will also help to improve the quality of London’s air by avoiding the need for additional local energy generation. This will reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides released into the atmosphere by 1,600 tonnes from 2026 onwards

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