MEEF invests in a wide range of technologies and projects which will deliver carbon and energy savings to the public and private sectors.

MEEF can invest in projects in the following sectors -

A minimum of 70% of investments must be to the public sector:

Up to 30% of investments can be in the private sector:

MEEF can fund up to 100% of the capital cost of a £1m+ project but could also part fund large scale regeneration projects which will have low carbon credentials:

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Decentralised Energy
  • Small Scale Renewables
  • Energy Storage
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure
  • Regeneration Projects

MEEF predominantly provides senior debt but will consider mezzanine and equity opportunities.

MEEF seeks to address market failure by providing competitive and flexible state aid compliant finance to projects, including funding for up to 19 years.

MEEF is funded with over £500m of commitments from the GLA, Amber and commercial funders. This provides MEEF with a breadth of funding appetite, allowing MEEF to deliver an appropriate suite of funders for each project.

MEEF has available to it up £2m of technical support funding that can be made available to support a project's business case, accelerating the due diligence process. 


Please contact the MEEF team.